Director's Message

Dear Student,
I am pleased to know of your interest in taking up our course at the Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology.
Today the Hospitality Industry has a tremendous need for professionally trained youngsters who are well-matched to cater present and future needs of the Hotel and Tourism industry worldwide, as a number of new hotels and airlines are in the offing and ever-increasing significantly.

Our Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is a place where students with great attitude are furnished and polished with the necessary skills for growing career options in the hospitality industry. We provide an excellent infrastructure, dynamic environment and committed expert faculty with sound industrial experience and outstanding academic excellence. Our dedication to make you reach towards your future goals is enhanced by a strong back-up of 'Mahatma Gandhi Mission' and collaborations with neighboring and national hotels. We proficiently train students to work at any national or international location. The MGM's Institute Of Hotel Management and Catering Technology offers the courses which are ideally suited to take up a career in the Hotels, Airlines, Cruise and all major fields of the hospitality industry. Your decision to participate in such a well-established course is welcomed and we wish you all the very best for attaining success in every field you work in.

Harsha Polkam